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As GE Healthcare’s #GetFit social media campaign aimed at promoting health and fitness goals and raising awareness of the impact of healthy lifestyles and fitness on cancer prevention, enters its final phase, the company is asking: “Can online social network campaigns help encourage improved health behaviours, and if so, how can they be made as effective as possible?”.

As of 2012, 65% of adult internet users are members of an online social network such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. 94% of marketers are using social media to promote their businesses, but only 40% attempt to measure a campaign’s impact*. If online social media and social networks can be used to target improved health behaviours, how can the impact of campaigns be maximized?

On October 18th at 16:00 BST, a group of academic, physician and communications experts will gather in an open Virtual Roundtable, and you are invited to listen in, ask questions and participate in accompanying Twitter conversation using #socialhealth. Register your participation here.

“Can online social networks encourage improved health behaviour?”

Thursday 18 October, 2012 16.00 – 16.45 BST

Confirmed speakers:

Dr Bernie Hogan, Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute Dr Tom Valente, Professor, University of Southern California Dr Nathan Cobb, Assistant Professor, Georgetown University School of Medicine; Science Advisor, MeYou Health Kristen Hallam, Health Editor, Bloomberg News

Moderator: Conor McKechnie, Public Affairs, GE Healthcare

This event will also help inform the development of future GE Healthcare social media health campaigns and raise awareness of the difficult questions among those interested in the issues and opportunities surrounding the use of social media in public health campaigns.